Mini Press Con tackles DSPC’s advocacy

Division School Press Conference promoted freedom of the press at City Coliseum which started on October 21-23.

Held every year In accordance to DepEd Order 7079 Act of 1991, this year’ theme was “Empowering Communities through Campus Journalism”.

“Ang pag-empower ng community ay sa nagawang diyaryo, yung ilalabas natin sa community” Mrs. Leah Rondaen said.

A journalist asked the speaker what happens after the conference and she replied “Journalism doesn’t stop in conferences, life begins after conferences dahil doon na gagawin yung role as a journalist”.

Mrs, Rondaen added “Hindi kayo journalist kasi may conference , magiging journalist kayo after the conference” .

DSPC organizes a Mini Press Con

Mini press conference was held for the group contest on the last day of DSPC, October 23 at City Coliseum.

Online Publishing and Collaborative publishing from English and Filipino Publication were the ones to who took part on this mini press con.

It was conducted for the news writer of all the participants in collaborative and online publishing.

The speakers were Leah Rondaen, assistant principal of Pulot and Juribert Iligan, President of the School Paper Advisers.

Juribert Iligan said that journalism could be fun but we also have to take it seriously.

“DSPC event enhances the skill ng mga bata”, a speaker said.

The journalist roles were to inform, educate people especially to the things they weren’t aware of is a statement that ended the mini press conference.